The five most interesting Oculus games at GDC

02/28/2017 by Adi Robertson and Nick Statt | Source: The Verge

Table-top strategy games are a popular genre for VR game makers, mostly because they remove all the inherent challenges of making first-person games in which you can’t really move your body. In Brass Tactics, a new medieval-themed multiplayer game from developer Hidden Path Entertainment, you have your standard waist-level battlefield and god’s eye view, like in the VR card game Dragon Front and the top-down tactical shooter Landfall. What makes Brass Tactics special, however, is how you can change the game’s sense of scale on a whim.

Using some clever hand motions, you can zoom out to get a full sense of your units on the ground and the bases you’re defending or attacking. You can also use those same motions to get close and personal with clashes on the battlefield. Traversing from one end to the other also works by way of a kind of invisible pulley system, whereby casual flicks of your wrist can send you flying from end of the map to the other. After about 10 minutes into a multiplayer match, you’ll start getting the hang of the game’s somewhat obtuse mechanics. At that point, you can start more aggressively multitasking while the exhilaration of the combat makes you feel seem like a true tactician - Nick