The Windborne Signs, Ladders, and Launchers Update Has Arrived!

07/28/2014 by Echo

What's new? Ladders, launchers, vines, signs, and so much more!

Windborne Patch Notes for 12/9

12/09/2013 by Echo

Another patch is here! You'll see lots of new features and fixes. A few to name are the new chat window, new building materials/furnishings, and an in-game graphics settings menu.

Content Patch and Community Update Tonight

11/21/2013 by Echo

It's been a week and a half since we released the Windborne Alpha Preview, and we've been very busy here at Hidden Path. I'm happy to announce that our first content patch has just been released!

Updated build(s) Tonight

11/14/2013 by Echo

We updated the Windborne Early Preview build tonight addressing many crash bugs that had come in during the first few days and also addressing several other bugs. Performance is also improved.

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