Containment Scoring Guide Videos

06/21/2013 by trixie360

Containment Scoring Guide Videos
If you've been hanging out in the DG community, this guy's name will be familiar. He's Wyatan and he has created an ongoing series of video scoring guides for Containment. We're going to be getting to know Wyatan a bit better in an upcoming Featured Player interview, but here's what he had to say when we asked him what inspired him to start making videos:

"I started doing videos last year, for another Tower Defense game, Orcs Must Die! 2.  I kinda stumbled into the high scoring scene for that game, and my very first videos were basically merely a scoring "proof". But then I actually became one of the very top scorers, and my videos turned into  a way of explaining what I did, so that others could emulate and eventually surpass me, adding their own ideas and strats. That was definitely gratifying, a positive feedback loop with the community. A few other players did some videos, and one other, Juicebags, probably ended up doing more than me. So on the whole, it was a great experience... one that I obviously wanted to reproduce. 

Coming back to Defense Grid for the Containment DLC, and knowing that I could also high score on thatgame, made it a pretty easy decision. But I don't do videos for the sake of doing them, I feel they must provide added value for the community. There's no shortage of Gold Medalling videos on the web, but apart from a couple by Ganjafear, there were no high scoring videos for Containment. So there was a gap to fill."

And we're so glad he did. Check out Wyatan's videos and let us know if they help you get that high score.

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