Featured Player - pdanoe

06/07/2013 by trixie360

Featured Player - pdanoe
You know pdanoe from the top of the Weekly Challenge leaderboards and his helpful advice in the forums. A big thank you to him for letting us ask him some questions to find out more about him!

Where do you live?

My location is Copenhagen, Denmark. I live in an upper apartment nicely situated in a green area. And close to the beach. Not that the beach is very attractive here, the water is just too cold. But you can have a nice adrenaline kick if you do the so-called winter swimming, which is quite popular here.

What do you do for a living?

I work as a teacher in physics and mathematics and sports. I changed my career to teaching a few years ago, quite impulsively, but I happened to be very satisfied with my decision. Teaching is a great job !

How long have you been playing Defense Grid?

I bought the Defense Grid at Wild Tangent Games 3 years ago. I immediately liked the setup, and getting through the levels was my first challenging decision. The later levels were quite hard, I remember. Lockdown was so difficult, and Last Stand .... I can not even speak. I remember playing that level so many times, before I mastered it.That level was the place where I learned my first juggling, and I am happy to tell, that I am today the present world record holder in that map.

What is your favorite map/mode?

There is many great modes ! I remember playing the resource challenges with great interest. These modes need a kind of special magic trick, to get the highest score. I will not reveal here, but the first people to discover it, named it "green magic".  

What is your favorite tower?

I think the inferno tower is definitely underrated in the community, compared to its actual power. An inferno planted near a temporal does great against almost any wave. And the inferno is the second cheapest tower in the game.

What is your favorite DLC?

Right now, that would be the new Containment DLC. It is a map pack filled with new challenges, a new story line, and very creative maps once again. Endurance is a great map, and Passage and Under Siege are maps that make you speculate many possibilities. I like maps that stimulate a creative thinking.

Do you have any tips on playing Defense Grid: The Awakening?

Yes ! I think my most important tip is, that a great score in a map is achieved by saving in the first rounds. That is the most magic trick on the way to a good score. And secondly, put up a Command tower as soon as possible. That tower does not just make the lurkers visible. It also greatly increases your scoring.

What do you hope to see in Defense Grid 2?

A great story line, great graphics, inspiring challenges, and hopefully many many new secrets. 

See some of pdanoe's advice here in the forums.

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