Weekly Challenge Results - Volition - Story Challenge

05/20/2013 by trixie360

Weekly Challenge Results - Volition - Story Challenge
Since the same dozen players have been dominating the Weekly Challenge top ten for months, let's zoom out a bit and take a look at the top twenty-five players. Here's what happened in Containment - Volition - Story Challenge:

1 pastlegacy
2 frengky.st
3 spider323g
4 The Juggle Master ( Sal)
5 Max Payne
6 AstraNine
7 Raptor_1000
8 pdanoe
9 Sir Mien
10 vinceycr
11 Ganjafear
12 nickelfloor89
13 Zyxpsilon
14 Thin crust
15 behindthelight
16 bokgas
17 rbaldwin94
18 pmf026
19 jonny floppychops
20 dodo
21 BarnabyJones
22 Jens_BIC
23 castlealan
24 deborah
25 [6am] Tigger

Frengky.st and pastlegacy switched places. Again. Yawn. Just kidding--well done, guys.

Zyxpsilon moved up three places from 16 to 13--word on the forums is he's seen the value of juggling. 

Raptor_1000 used super dino powers (we think) to move up 5 places to #7.

Tigger bounced and pounced into the top 25 this week, up from #31.

The Leap of the Week was accomplished by deborah, who went from #1169 to #24!

The current map and mode is Containment-Augur-Out of Bullets. Have fun!

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