DG2 secret investor is unmasked!

05/16/2013 by trixie360

DG2 secret investor is unmasked!
Last month we told you that we’re making Defense Grid 2 thanks to a mysterious investor. Today, we’re happy to unmask our hero:

It’s Steven Dengler! You may know him as the co-founder and CEO of Xe.com. Or as a Kickstarter “ultrabacker” who has helped fund over 75 backed projects from video games to electronic devices, from web series to documentaries. He’s the guy who pledged 10,000 bucks to get the speaking role in the Veronica Mars movie

If you’re thinking, ‘Oh noez this guy is some suit who’s going to mess up Defense Grid’—have no fear. Steven is a true gamer and a die-hard fan of DG. He started his Dracogen investment company to help make games. Check out some of the games he’s invested in here. Please note, the page says “We hate micromanagement, red tape, hassle factor, and typical corporate BS.” So there you have it. 

Oh yeah, and he’s a big supporter of the Child’s Play charity. So he’s a good guy.

Here’s what he had to say about investing in DG2: “I'm extremely excited to be working with Hidden Path to help make Defense Grid 2 a reality. I'm a huge fan of the original game, and it's tremendously satisfying to provide resources to help get the game made. I love that crowd sourced funding provided the first step along the journey.”

So three cheers for Steven Dengler; good dude, gamer, soon-to-be-waiter in the Veronica Mars film, and our hero. You can follow him (and tell him thanks!) on Twitter at @Dracogen 

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