Weekly Challenge Results - Endurance - Story Challenge

04/29/2013 by trixie360

Weekly Challenge Results - Endurance - Story Challenge
Here's what went down when we played Containment - Endurance - Story Challenge...

1 pastlegacy
2 frengky.st
3 Max Payne
4 The Juggle Master ( Sal)
5 pdanoe
6 Ganjafear
7 hanbaoluo
8 vinceycr
9 AstraNine
10 spider323g
pastlegacy is back at number one for the first time since "Wasn't Designed for This" a month ago.

Max Payne made a big leap from 9 to 3. pdanoe and vinceycr are both up two spots, landing at 5 and 8, respectively.

We don't know what happened to our favorite arachnid: spider323g dropped seven spots this week. 

This wrap-up was delayed due to our big DG2 news. We're already neck-deep in the newest challenge: You Monster - Ghost in the Machine - Frozen Core.

Remember, Kickstarter backers can suggest and vote for the next Challenge via UserVoice. Just go to the Private Backer Forum and click the DG2 tab on the right of your screen.

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