We're Making Defense Grid 2!

04/25/2013 by trixie360

We're Making Defense Grid 2!

DG2 is in the works and on the way. The dev team is in place and making progress every day.  We’re beyond excited and hope you are too. We suppose you have a few questions:

When?! When is it coming?

The first half of 2014. Yeah that’s a mighty big window, and we’ll narrow that as we get further along in the development process.

What platforms will it be on?

Steam, baby! For Windows, Mac, and Linux!

But what about my [insert favorite platform here]?!

We’re not saying “no” to that, we’re saying “we’ll see.” If it makes sense it could happen; for now, we’re focusing on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Is it going to be multiplayer?

Heck yeah! Co-op AND competitive modes!

I’m an OG Kickstarter backer! What does this mean for me?

First: You rock. Hard. Second: You will receive a copy of DG2 when it releases—as promised. You will also be called upon to take part in the beta testing. We will hook you up, no worries.

So I’m still special?

You’re so very, very special. You get to keep your private backer forum forever. It’s like the exclusive airport lounge for VIPs, without the free drinks. Sorry. We are going to open up UserVoice to all forum members on July 1 though. Until then it’s your private playground so keep voting and sharing your thoughts, we are listening.

Wait! I thought we didn’t raise enough Kickstarter money to make DG2. What happened?

You happened. The support and enthusiasm of the DG community got the attention of an investor who made up the funding gap. Now we’ve got enough money to make DG2.

Who is this awesome investor?

It’s a secret for now. We’ll tell that story a bit later.

Whoa. Is it Batman?

No. It isn’t Batman.

Is it…?

It’s not Bruce Wayne, either. Or Tony Stark. 

What kind of stuff will we see in DG2?

So much stuff. A new campaign, multiple planets, freakin’ MULTIPLAYER modes, user-created content support, new aliens, new towers and new characters, and the ability to create—wait for it—custom levels.

New characters? Will Fletcher be back?

Of course!

How about the new characters introduced in Defense Grid: Containment?

Yup! Cai and Simon will be back.

Can you just sum it up for me, so I don’t have to read this whole post?

Sure. We got the money to make DG2. So we’re making it. It’s gonna rock, and you’ll be able to play it in 2014 on Steam. Boom.

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