Weekly Challenge Results - Occupation - Green Towers Only

03/28/2013 by trixie360

Weekly Challenge Results - Occupation - Green Towers Only
Here's all the news that fits on the Weekly Challenge featuring Occupation - Green Towers Only.

1      pastlegacy
2 frengky.st
3 spider323g
4 pdanoe
5 The Juggle Master ( Sal)
6 Ganjafear
7 Max Payne
8 AstraNine
9 Raptor_1000
10 Sir Mien

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Pastlegacy, frengky.st and spider323g are once again battling for those top three spots and this week pastlegacy came out at number one. 

pdanoe liked fourth place so much last week he decided to stay. Same goes for The Juggle Master and Ganjafear at fifth and sixth and AstraNine at eighth. Don't get too comfy, guys.

One player on the move is Raptor_1000 who [insert scary velociraptor sound]'d their way from #21 up to #9. 

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