Weekly Challenge Results - Roundabout - 20k Resources

01/17/2013 by Trixie360

Weekly Challenge Results - Roundabout - 20k Resources
So how'd we do on Roundabout - 20k Resources?

1 spider323g
2 takista
3 The Juggle Master ( Sal)
4 hanbaoluo
5 Treff*Nix
6 Firestorm
7 rbaldwin94
8 AllyRoman
9 davey3000
10 Morris

Lookie there, spider323g is on top again for the second week in a row. In a Weekly Challenge surprise Takista edged out The Juggle Master for the number two spot. AllyRoman is up one spot, and Morris makes it a second week at number 10. Welcome to new leaderboard blood Firestorm, rbaldwin94, and davey3000!

Check the full leaderboard here.

Next up: Out of Fuel - Story Challenge. With Containment now in the hands of Kickstarter backers it will be interesting to see the Weekly Challenge results!

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