World Traveler Update Highlights

06/26/2014 by Kaboom

In this video we highlight a few of many new features that were introduced to Windborne in our World Traveler update.

Steam Summer Sale Is Here!

06/19/2014 by Kaboom

The time has come, the Steam Summer Sale is upon us! We are offering fantastic deals on both Defense Grid: The Awakening and Windborne.

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Command Strategies w/ General Fletcher: Laser Tower

06/17/2014 by Kaboom

Gather around, it's time for Command Strategies with General Fletcher! Let's discuss laser towers, shall we?

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Introducing the Kabloom Flower!

06/03/2014 by Kaboom

Want a chance to get this beautiful Kabloom flower for your island? Come play with our Community Coordinator, Kaboom, during one of our Windborne streams and she'll give you one!