Second wave of Containment beta begins!

12/06/2012 by Trixie360

Second wave of Containment beta begins!
We've been overwhelmed with the amount and quality of feedback we've received on the first wave of the Defense Grid: Containment beta. Thank you so much for your input. There was certainly consensus on a few areas in the Beta, and we've addressed them in the latest update. Specifically:

Levels 1, 2, and 3 updated based on your feedback.
Corrected instances in Level 1 in which aliens weren't being shown in the Reconnaissance display.
Story Challenge mode now working properly.
Adjustments to wait times between waves in Level 2, as well as hit points and make-up of the aliens.
Gold requirement for Level 3 lowered from 60,000 to 58,000
Lighting and background color changes in many levels.

And…drum roll…Story Challenge Mode is now available for all 8 levels!

More good news: A new wave of users will now be included in the beta. With this update, ALL Kickstarter backers are invited to participate. Check the email associated with your Kickstarter pledge for your beta key.

Bash on the game, send us your feedback, and most of all, have fun!

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