Every Day I'm Bundle-in

04/04/2012 by Jeff Pobst

Every Day I'm Bundle-in

We haven’t done many bundles with Defense Grid.  There was the Potato Pack for the Portal 2 launch almost exactly one year ago this week. Last Fall we joined other TD games for the Indie Strategy bundle on Steam, but this week’s Indie Royale Bundle is our first to offer both a Steam key for an expandable version of the game with several of the DLC and also include a version of Defense Grid: Gold without any DRM or online connection needs too.

Indie Royale has combined Defense Grid (the main game and the first five expansions: Borderlands & the four Resurgence Map packs) with Hack, Slash, Loot; Alien Zombie Megadeth, Explodemon, and Astro Tripper all together to keep our April on-sale tradition alive with their April Fools Bundle.  Also, for anyone who pays more than the minimum, they get Rock: Deluxe Edition as well.

If you haven’t already picked up Defense Grid, this is a great opportunity to get to know our game and also pick up a few other great ones for a ridiculously low price.

On other topics, the number of emails we’re getting about making a Defense Grid sequel as our next project is almost as large as the number of people who email us asking to join the CS:GO beta (hint – there’s no point in emailing us as it doesn’t get you in, see http://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/facts/ for more details on how to get in). 

The requests have been rising as the months intervene since the release of the You Monster expansion and we hear you.  The studio is obviously right now focused on making the best possible CS game we can make in conjunction with the folks at Valve, and not only are we updating the PC beta a lot (and I really do mean a lot), we’re also working to finish the game for all the other platforms too.

After shipping CS:GO, taking one deep breath, and getting a few hours more of sleep than we have been getting, it will be on to the next things – and what will those next things be?  I want to know for sure too.  I will say that there are a ton of great conversations with many potential partners and lots of very good things as real possibilities. 

Perhaps there will be new things in the world of Defense Grid there.  Perhaps there will be brand new games that expand on games we love, perhaps there will be completely new things, there are lots of ways it can go.

As for Defense Grid, some folks have suggested with think about “going Kickstarter” to do the sequel and I will say that is an intriguing possibility.  There are certain partnerships that may allow us to go even bigger than we think we can go if we do Kickstarter, but should that path not come together, maybe we’ll turn to you and see which features are most important for you to fund.  There are so many cool possibilities dancing around in our heads.

Once we do know our next steps after Counter-Strike, we plan on sharing as much as we can with you.  You’ve been great and responsive to us as we update our games and adjust products that you’re already playing, but we hope to expand our relationship – you know, us and… you.  And with that closer relationship, expanded and all, we hope to create new fun and entertaining experiences that will delight you even more.


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