DG2 March Steam Update

03/24/2015 by Shannon and Jeff

DG2 March Steam Update
3/24/2015 - DG2 March Steam Update - PC, Mac only (SteamOS version coming very soon)

- New Game Type: Classic Open. Classic Open introduces the original DG scoring model to DG2. It is available for all single player missions and modes. No medals are awarded in Classic Open.
- Tower Limit Mode Fix: Fixed bug in which boost towers could automatically sell out from underneath a tower in the middle of upgrading.
- Strategy Camera Added: Edge scrolling camera for single player can be toggled on / off using Shift+C or can be set to be the default by adding “-freecamera” to the Steam launch options (library, right-click->properties, set launch options)

- Fixed top ten crash bugs responsible for majority of remaining reported game crashes.
- Fixed a significant number of OpenGL rendering issues for Mac (and soon SteamOS) improving both quality and performance rendering
- Fixed Mac launcher race condition where launcher might not appear while Steam is still initializing launch of game
- Fixed multiple DG Architect crash bugs
- Fixed DG Architect block thumbnails not appearing

Leaderboard Validity:
- Added ability to remove scores from leaderboards that aren’t possible to achieve in an unaltered game session
- Removal of invalid scores will take place some days after update release

User Created Content (UCC) Tools Enhancement:
- New UCC file format – must have update to download new UCC maps
- Enabled UCC maps to have story mode leaderboards
- Enabled UCC script asset creation with DG Architect and game loading of that script
- Enabled UCC script assets to be packaged in Steam Workshop upload
- Stopped UCC map creation process from creating multiple leaderboard versions for the same map
- Mac: Users can load custom levels now. Custom levels are looked for here: /Users/[user_name]/Library/Application Support/Steam/userdata/[steam_user_id]/221540/local/DG2/[custom_map_folder]

- Restored Mouse button bindings to match system settings in Windows

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