Community Maps

02/10/2015 by Shannon

Community Maps
It looks like we are getting extremely close in getting the ability to curate some of the maps that have been coming in from the community using DG Architect. Be sure to keep an eye out on our socials and forums, we will post there with all updates regarding the Steam store.

In the meantime, if you are looking for more maps to play, there is a community driven website called DG2 Free Maps. (Disclaimer: this site is not affiliated with or monitored by Hidden Path Entertainment. But we are thrilled that such an active DG Architect community has developed.) There are quite a few, what they call, “Forever Free Maps”, maps that the creators will not try to sell later. There are also a few maps that have been submitted for “Workshop Consideration Maps”, these are maps that the creator will eventually submit for potential Steam Workshop inclusion. We have had a lot of fun checking some of these maps out. Like this one, A Maze Me, from member Shark@tak, What a creative bunch of folks out there!

If you are looking for new challenges because you have completed DG2, be sure to wander over there and test some out. Be sure to leave constructive feedback for the creators; they seem to really appreciate it. As always we love our community and are forever thankful for your continued support and love of the game. Remember, defend your cores!

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