The Windborne Signs, Ladders, and Launchers Update Has Arrived!

07/28/2014 by Echo

The Windborne Signs, Ladders, and Launchers Update Has Arrived!
First of all, thank you everyone who participated in the Trailblazer Community test. To those not in the loop, we are opening up our updates/patches for testing a week or two early to get feedback and help tune things.

If you were part of the test, remember to switch back out of the beta (Right-click on Windborne in steam, select properties->betas tab->None (opt out) from the drop down).

New features: - New Climbable (vines, ladders)
- New Launcher (you can shift-click it in gather mode to switch between various directions)
- New Signs (Iconic Standing Sign, Iconic Wall Sign, Iconic Floor Sign, Standing Sign, Floor Sign, Hanging Sign)
>Activate normal signs to write text on them. Click in the text box to write on the sign.
>Shift-click iconic signs to go through the icons
- You can turn on auto-gather in settings. This makes it so you continually gather in gather mode without holding down the right mouse button.

Misc fixes/polish:
- UI Consistency update (buttons, scrollbars, etc)
- Fly-to-player no longer teleports you inside the target player
- Physics is now turned off for plants, ladders, etc. You can place these even if standing in the block.
- Wall and brick blocks are much more efficient (they hide geometry that is obscured). This is retroactive.
- Hand auto-hide is less annoying

Bug fixes:
- Many crash fixes
- Pets tamed as a client no longer act like they belong to the host
- Malik/Ferals only take one block from item stacks (you won’t lose all your gold in one swoop)
- Music volume setting is less sensitive
- Player/Character loading is more safe and tries to handle/recover corrupted characters
- Some broken UI crafting filters were fixed