Windborne Dev Profile - T.J. Martin

02/12/2014 by Kaboom

Windborne Dev Profile - T.J. Martin
Are you a Seattle native?

Washington native, but not Seattle. I grew up the desolate wastes of Eastern Washington.

If you could time travel back to your childhood bedroom, what toy would you bring back with you?

A board game I had called Broadsides and Boarding Parties. It was this awesome game where you ordered ships around a map until they ran into each other. Then you brought out larger scale ship models and do battle on the decks of the ships.

Do you have a favorite book or comic?

I would have to say Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. In the middle of re-reading it right now, in fact.

How about a favorite band?

Liquid Tension Experiment.

What video game do you think changed the industry the most in the last decade?

Probably something like Farmville or Angry Birds that really brought mobile and social media into the foreground. As far as more heavy duty platforms, I’d have to go with Minecraft. Everyone has heard of it, it has sold millions of copies, spawned an entire subculture and people still have to ask “wait.. what exactly do you do in this game”? It has really opened the door for more free-form creative adventures.

What exactly do you do on Windborne?

I do work on the programming side of things, focusing mostly on user interface and gameplay. I have also appointed myself as the team troll, a job I take very seriously.

What is the most rewarding thing about making video games?

Making video games challenges you both technically and creatively. I find that mix to be very enriching.

If Bigfoot knocked on your door, what would you do?

Well if he’s knocking instead of just knocking down the door, I assume he’s planning on remaining civil, so I guess I’d invite him in and see what he needs. I’d steer clear of cameras though. They clearly wig him out.

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