Defense Grid 2 Update 1/22

01/22/2014 by Kaboom

Defense Grid 2 Update 1/22
You've been asking, and now we're answering!

What is the Defense Grid team currently working on?

The DG2 team has been very busy! Some major features are in progress, and it’s been very exciting to see all the bits and pieces start coming together. Additions to our network play are coming along, which include Steam integration, matchmaking, and additional modes for players to choose from. The user created content tools and pipeline that players will be using is looking great, with just a little bit of work left to make the experience whole. Items and special weapons that give players a chance to have a more custom experience are also gaining momentum.

The Design team is working hard to create new levels that are fun and interesting, with mechanics and modes to enhance gameplay and offer new challenges to the player. Art has kept busy decorating the levels that design has been making, as well as creating visual effects, towers and mobs, and generally making the game look beautiful! All of the art is looking great thanks to recent tool improvements and graphics coding from the engineers.

Can you give us an update on Defense Grid 2?

Overall, Defense Grid is moving forward at a really good pace. In the short term, we are working hard to finalize the features we’d like players to be able to experience during our Beta release, and are excited to get feedback in those areas as well as for the game in general. Once we get the major features wrapped up, we can focus on tightening up level balance and visuals, as well as start bug fixing and really making the game the best it can be.

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