Windborne Dev Profile - Marisa Erven

01/30/2014 by Kaboom

Windborne Dev Profile - Marisa Erven
Are you a Seattle native?
No, although I certainly have lived here long enough to call it home! I have lived in Oregon, Washington and Canada to date.

If you could time travel back to your childhood bedroom, what toy would you bring back with you?
I would bring back my Blue Sega Game Gear with Ecco the Dolphin. Oh, and probably some batteries as well…

Do you have a favorite book or comic?
Any Science Fiction Books written by Ray Bradbury or Alastair Reynolds, really.

How about a favorite band?
Currently, Lorde. Although Techno is certainly a permanent fixture in my music library.

Which animal is bound to take over the world - cats or dogs?
Cats, I believe, already have…

What video game do you think changed the industry the most in the last decade?
Wow, so many awesome games have come out in the last decade that impacted the industry! I think Uncharted 2 is a great example of a fully immersive, beautiful experience that really utilized the tech available at the time it was made. Oh, and treasure hunting is cool too…

What exactly do you do on Windborne?
Concept Art, Illustration and User Interface

What is the most rewarding thing about making video games?
Creating Beautiful Things and seeing Happy Players!