Windborne Patch Notes for 12/9

12/09/2013 by Echo

Windborne Patch Notes for 12/9
We're excited to announce several new additions in this patch. Our team is still hard at work and we appreciate all your feedback and support!

Release Notes:

  • Fixed several crashes
  • Launcher now will detect and offer to upload crash dumps
  • Networking is much more stable

  • Can change resolution on the fly now without restarting the game
  • The game window is now resizable
  • Added new Graphics Settings menu in game
    • Can adjust quality, view distance, other settings in real time to see how it effects performance
  • Quality settings do a lot more now, and should have a larger impact on performance
  • Vsync now defaults to true. Use “-vsync false” in the launcher additional command line params to re-disable it.

  • Falling off the island now respawns you at the dragonstone

  • Hosts can enable/disable editing privileges for clients in the social menu
  • Name of the island and host is now shown
  • More information given on disconnect
  • Added new chat window! Press [Enter] to chat with people on your island

  • New 'Stone' set - has many good cave blocks (stone steps, etc), made of primarily granite
    • Added emerald blade. Made ceramic and iron blade more individual.
    • Ceramic blade is the slowest and least durable.
    • Emerald blade is the quickest and lasts the longest.
  • Rare items now have a blue inset instead of a purple one
  • Moved grasslands lamp and desert lamp to use the fine workbench instead of the gemcrafting table
  • Tuned recipes
  • Renamed 'Idyllic' to 'Highborn'
  • Renamed 'Sandstone' to 'Desert'
  • Rearranged blocks to have common blocks be more accessible
  • Alphabetized recipes within each group
  • Added new roof cap blocks
  • Shaper and Stove now drop item collections when gathered
  • Added recipes to get fine and superb resources from lower rarity resources.
  • Fine and Superb resources harder to get from shaper (but you can craft up to them now)
  • You get 4 torches now for a branch and a wool
  • You get 2 wood planks per branch you put into the shaper

  • Added in new color blending system for all blocks
  • Blocks can have textures start randomized for each face
  • Blocks can have color variation even if they are not terrain blocks
  • Fixed pop from grass noise
  • Fixed bug with things in hand using extreme color shifts and not glowing (Glowmoss)

  • Woolys should no longer face-plant

Other UI
  • Added valid drop indicator to UIs
  • Added inventory icon to action bar

Updated crafting UI
  • No more stipple