Line of Sight

01/05/2010 by Michael Austin

Line of Sight

Line of sight started out actually as more of a problem than a feature.
We didn't really think about it until an early version of our game where
the shooting-through-other-towers looked really awful. You don't really
notice it until you try to do realistic graphics, and then your brain
goes "That's wrong!"

We started out with 15 towers, I think, and the line of sight constraint
really helped us tune them down. We tried to pick a subset of the
towers such that each one was different and unique, and could be the
best tower in a specific situation. I like, for instance, how line of
sight affects the cannon-gun tradeoff. Guns need line of sight to be
effective, since they are shooting constantly and any down time is bad.
Since cannons are on a long cooldown, they can shoot the instant line of
sight is available, and it actually doesn't hurt them that much. It
leads to a natural "back row"-"front row" thing.

I grew to love it when I realized what a difference it makes for tower
placement- when you have to consider your future plans for areas,
there's a new depth of strategy. Suddenly in that clump of 4 towers
right by two paths, they aren't all equal- there's a reason to pick, and
the trade-offs are different for each tower. It was definitely a case
where a problem turned into (what I think is) really fun gameplay!

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