Windborne makes a splash at PAX Prime

09/09/2013 by trixie360

Windborne makes a splash at PAX Prime
We've nearly recovered from the double whammy of Gamescom followed immediately by PAX Prime. Gamescom gave us the opportunity to introduce Windborne to the international games press, which is awesome. But at PAX Prime we got to show our baby to the people that matter most: gamers. 

For four days, the Hidden Path booth was full of folks eager to see what Windborne was all about, and we heard some great feedback. One gentlemen played the demo three times in two days and was completely enamoured. He works at a local game developer that we won't name. He told us that the game he's working on (a AAA title we will also not name) might be delayed because he'll be so busy playing Windborne. 

Here are some of the Windborne stories that came out of PAX. 

And finally, the Cynical Brit, TotalBiscuit himself:

Thank you to everyone who came by and to those of you who couldn't be there, Windborne will be coming to Steam Early Access in the near future.

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