A PAX upon thee!

08/29/2013 by trixie360

A PAX upon thee!
It's time for PAX Prime and we couldn't be more excited for gamers to get their hands on DG2 and Windborne!

If you're attending PAX Prime this weekend, here's how to find us:

We're in Booth #3330. Come play Windborne or Defense Grid 2 (decisions, decisions) and provide feedback with the survey. When you've completed this you’ll receive a token. Take the token to the Great Wheel o’ Prizes. (You can see them in the picture taken this afternoon, and hey, there's Jeff!) One of the HPE team will spin the wheel on your behalf and you will receive one (1) of these fabulous prizes.

If you played DG2:
Juggernaut Pin
DG2 Beta Key

If you played Windborne:
Jin Pin
Lore Trading Card Set
Windborne Alpha Key

Hope to see you there!

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