New DG2 Trailer & PAX Info

08/08/2013 by Jeff Pobst

New DG2 Trailer & PAX Info
Hello again! Today we’re excited to partner with GameTrailers to show you and the rest of the world a first-look early alpha peek at DG2.

Here is the link to the trailer on GameTrailers:

Here is the link to the trailer on our YouTube channel: 

The team has been working hard to build a new Defense Grid 2 on a new engine that takes the next step past what the original game was able to accomplish, and adds new features, functions, and approaches that should enhance the game experience even further. We talked with you about some of those features in the previous development update and now you get to see some of them in this first-look trailer.

First off, you’ll notice the new game engine gives us much more visual fidelity to play with than we had in the original game. I have to stress again, that we’re early in development, so we’re barely taking advantage yet of new things we can do with the engine, but we have a new lighting model, new shadow tech, new effects such as fog and water, new particle systems, new emissive light sources, a fully rendered environment which lets us move the camera around for flythrough shots and to give you camera angle options for your gameplay (more on that later). There still are several features coming in over the next several months in the engine, so even more features will enhance what we can do with respect to visuals and also how they interact with gameplay.

In addition to showing the new look for several returning aliens and towers (in the trailer you’ll see new versions of swarmers, walkers, and juggernauts as well as new gun, cannon, inferno, and laser towers), we introduce some new features. We introduce the Boost tower – it blocks a space allowing you to path aliens more easily. It’s cheaper than guns were, but it also doesn’t do any damage. It does allow you to build another tower on top of it though, so you aren’t giving up a build space. It gives that new tower on top of it a better line of sight and provides a further enhancement upgrade option with available abilities such as Overcharge (do more damage), or Score Bonus (increase your score), or EMP (detect stealthed aliens and diminish shields).

We also show at the end of the trailer one of the major new features of DG2 – dynamic levels. Levels can have new sections added to them that allow you to utilize additional build spots or create new ways to path aliens. We won’t ever take any of your existing build spots away from you, but we will allow the level to grow and expand over time. We also may allow you to make some level configuration decisions during play too! In the trailer, you see a new section of road and build spaces rise from the water in time for you to path the last couple of waves even farther on their journey to the cores.

The best part of all of this, though it is still very early, early, alpha code, it is looking good and is already “Defense Grid” enough, that we feel good taking it to PAX. This won't be indicative of what the shipping game will be like, but… if you can, come see us in Seattle at the Penny-Arcade Expo, August 30 – September 2nd, we’ll have our first Hidden Path Entertainment booth ever – it’s #3330 on the expo floor - and not only can you try out Windborne at our booth, but we’ll also have DG2 there and you can play the demo level for yourselves! Come, play, and give us your feedback as we continue development of DG2 and target a release in the first half of next year. 

We’re so excited to start sharing this with you, and can’t wait to see you at PAX. 

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