Windborne Dev Profile - Marisa Erven

01/30/2014 by Kaboom

It's time to meet Marisa, one of the artist on the Windborne team!

DG2 Dev Profile - Dacey Willoughby

01/27/2014 by Kaboom

Get to know Associate Producer, Dacey, from the Defense Grid team!

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Windborne Community Update 1/24

01/24/2014 by Kaboom

In this update, find out what's happening with the Windborne preview, and what to expect in the upcoming weeks.

Windborne Dev Profile - Kelly Kristek

01/23/2014 by Kaboom

Meet Kelly, a designer on the Windborne team!

Defense Grid 2 Update 1/22

01/22/2014 by Kaboom

Find out what the Defense Grid team is currently working on and get the latest details on where DG2 is at in development.

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Windborne Community Update 1/15

01/15/2014 by Kaboom

We're approaching Steam Early Access! Get the details in our latest video update.

We're Back!

01/03/2014 by Kaboom

The team was out having snowball fights with turrets and baking holiday cookies with the Jin, but we have returned!

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